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Leak Detection


We offer domestic solutions in detecting and pinpointing water leaks in and around your home. Leak detection is a specialised method of finding leaks with state of the art equipment. We use the latest leak detection technology that provides the least invasive means of locating the source of the leak. After the leak has been located we will issue the client with a report and a quotation on the repair. 




Tracer Gas

Tracer gas is a mix of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen, it is a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-corrosive and

100% safe. Some leaks are too deep in the ground or to slow for effective thermal or audio testing The gas

gets injected into the pipe and because the gas is lighter than air will escape from the leaking area and rise

to the service. The leak is then located by scanning the ground surface with a highly sensitive gas detector

and identifies the approximate location of the leak. 




Audio Testing

Through using highly sensitive microphones in the audio test, we can pick up the sound of a leaking pipe.

Water escaping from a crack or leak under high pressure emits a hissing sound. The sound or vibration

can be picked up by our equipment and use that to pinpoint the leak.




Thermal Imaging 

Our state of the art thermal image cameras are use to find hidden leaks and trace hot water pipes.

This is a non-intrusive leak detection technology that uses infrared light to detect the difference

in surface temperature given off by hot water pipes and leaks. Thermal imaging can also be

used to detect moisture in walls and leaks on cold water pipes since the water leaking from

a cold water pipe is generally colder than the surrounding surface.





Moisture Metre

Moisture metres plays an important part if a leak cannot be traced. Ideal to determine any

waterproofing failure on shower bases, balconies and soffits.




Static Pressure Testing

By doing a pressure test on a plumbing system we can easily determine if the leak is inside or outside

your home this narrows down the search and allows the technician to isolate certain areas and locate

the leak much faster.

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